Gymnastics is linked with the development of one’s body and movement from the ages.India, Iran and China adopted Physical culture in different forms. The present day system of gymnastics is the transformation of the old system introduced by the people of Greece.
Gymnastics is a conglomeration of various types of exercises on different apparatus. It is meant to achieve hundred percent fitness, perfection, execution of the exercises.
Gymnasts from Romania, Russia, U.S.A. and China performed well in the World Olympics scene. Nadia Comanche, Olga Korbat were gymnasts who performed well to be given zero on evaluation.
Mysore has been regularly contributing and producing quality gymnasts who have gone on to represent the State and the country. B.Ashok represented the country in the World Youth Games. Ravi s Patel, G.Aparna, Lokesh all represented the State in the National level. Our city has young and upcoming talents in the sub-junior and junior sections.

Helped by quality coaches like Arun Kumar Patil, Lokesh and  Balu, Mysore’s gymnastics scene is ahead for a better future.

Coaching Centres: Mysore University gymnasium Hall,Sports pavilion.
Chamundivihar Indoor stadium, Nazarbad, Mysuru.

Gymnasts who have represented state and country
B.Ashok- Represented India in World Youth games. Asian junior gymnastics event gold medal winner.
Ravi s Patel- Represented state in National games and won bronze medal.
G.Aparna- National junior championships-medal winner.
Lokesh- Represented State in Nationals championships.
Anitha D Panalkar- Represented state in national aerobics championships-silver medal winner.
Kaviraj Motakpalli- National school games-medal winner.
Maruthi- National-level medal winner.
Kavya Srikanta- National school games-Aerobics gold medal winner.

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