Hockey is our National sport and once upon a time India was ruling the world scene with it’s own brand of hockey. India won the Olympic and Asian gold and dominated the world hockey scene. Presently Indian hockey has seen a drastic change and has been improving its ranking in the World scene both in the men’s and women’s sections.
Hockey wizard Dhayan Chand and quality players like Ajit Pal Singh, Surjit Singh, Harbinder Singh, B.P.Govinda, Ashok Kumar, Aslam Sher Khan, Zafar Iqbal, Philips, V.Bhaskaran, M.P.Ganesh, Late Md.Shahid, Dhanaraj Pillay have contributed a lot for the development of the game in our country with their performance in the international level.

Mysore has also been a centre which has been producing talented hockey players who have gone on to represent the country in the men’s and women’s sections.  The DYES (Mysore) has always contributed to the state and the National team by producing quality women hockey players from our city.
Players like B.M.Geetha, Hemalatha in the women’s section and Roshan in the men’s section have done our city proud with their performances in the International level representing our country.
The Mysore University has also produced quality players in the women’s section and has been performing well in the All India Inter-University level and has emerged champions in both in the all India level and also in the South Zone level.

Presently Hockey Mysore is at the helm and is working for the development of the game in the District.

Coaches: Vijay Krishna, SAK hockey coach, Chamundivihar stadium, Nazarbad, Mysore.
Ashok K T- Mysore University hockey coach.
Pulakeshi Y Shettappanavar- Mysore University hockey coach.

Hockey grounds- Mysore University hockey grounds, Sports Pavilion. Chamundivihar stadium.

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