Wrestling is a traditional sport, which has been patronized by the Maharaja’s of Mysore from the olden days. Traditional wrestling competitions were conducted regularly (Nada Kusti) during the olden times.
Presently Nadu Kusti competitions are conducted during the World famous Dasara festival every year and competitions are held at the D.Devraja Urs Multipurpose wrestling stadium, Exhibition grounds, Mysore.

Greco-Roman style and Free-style wrestling competitions are also conducted every year for men and women during Dasara festival. Mysore has produced talented wrestlers in the men’s and women’s sections who have gone on to win laurels in the state and National level.

Shankar Chakravarthy, Lokesh, Girish, Mahesh Pandit, Tiger Balaji are some of the well known wrestlers from Mysore.

Coaches: L.Manjappa (Retired SAI, University of Mysore’s wrestling coach).
Coaching centres: Lions hall, Next to University Oval grounds.

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