Golf: Golf is a sport that attracts more players than any other outdoor sport-one of the reasons is the beautiful surroundings and the pleasure of being on the course to share this experience amongst friends and nature.
Golf has evolved as a sport from the fourteenth century to a passion and a great game of integrity, competitiveness and trust, played in a gentlemanly fashion, with the same aim-knocking a small ball over distances of varying lengths to finally end up in a hole 41/4 inches in diameter.
This is a game where no two playing fields are alike so it is the constantly changing conditions and variety which really define the essence of this very challenging form of recreation. To be able to perform successfully on such a playing field demands the ability to analyse and adjust to variable elements as well as the risk-reward factor, altogether making the game so rewarding or, so humbling.

About Mysore golf: The Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Golf Club is situated amidst a picturesque settings of the Chamundi Hills. The course is a 18-hole-70par one which passes through the Mysore race Course.
The Club is recognised by the Indian Golf Union (IGU) and is affiliated to all the major golfing clubs in the country. Regular tournaments are conducted by the club for the golfers and the tournament calendar events begin from June very year.
Every year the club conducts a South India junior golf tournament where the top South Indian junior golfers take part. The Club has a very good junior programme and many upcoming golfers have taken up to serious golfing. Rahul Ganapathy a former pro-golfer is a product of this club. Golfers like Sonam Chugh, M.S. Yashas Chandra, I.L. Aalaap, (all three professionals), Bhavana Shetty, Shreyas Chandra, Atrish Bhat, B.C. Ganapathy, Nikhil Pai, Pranavi S Urs, Vidhatri K Urs and Dhruv Bopanna are the promising senior and junior players from this club.
Address: Jayachamaraja Wadiyar Golf Club
Maharaja Pratap Singhi Road, Nazarbad, Mysore-570010.
Phone: Club House: 0821-2538457/0821-2433185
Golf Hut: 0821-6050620/2433243
Fax: 0821-2538457.

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