About the game: Badminton, a game which originated in India centuries ago, was introduced to the rest of the World via England around 1870 by the British Officers posted in India.
Badminton might be described as a indoor version of Lawn Tennis, in that it is played over a net and can consist of either singles or doubles. There, however, the resemblance ceases.
Players: P.G.Chengappa, Darshan P, Dr. Sriharsha, Yashasvi Shankar, M.C. Manjunath, Vikaram S. Nadig, Daljith Ram Choudhry, Sunil Gladson, Seema Gururaj, Sangeetha Gururaj, H.S. Abhiram, Gururprasad, Raghu, Abhi Amudhan and Bharghav S.
Clubs: Cosmopolitan Club, Infosys, South Western Railway Courts, Mysore Sports Club, Vontikoppal Club, Kodava Samaja Club, Mysore Ladies Club, NIE, Mysore University Gymnasium hall and Chamundivihar complex, SJCE, Mysore, Ram’s Badminton Academy.
Mysore District Badminton Association: Hon. Secretary: S.G. Prabhu: Phone: 9845939188.

Dr. P.Krishniah ( In-charge Director, Department of Physical Education, University of Mysore): 9972045254

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